ShowBox for Chromecast:ShowBox is the best streaming website that provides you free access to the movies and TV shows just like Amazon prime videos, Netflix. However not everyone is able to afford subscription charges or access the premium platforms like Netflix. So ShowBox for chromecast is best for watching movies, TV series for free. But as you all know this services isn’t legal

What is Chromecast ?

Chromecast is the best streaming device from Google that allow users to watch their favorite content on their Television. It plugs in to your computer HDMI port and gives access to multiple streaming services like Netflix, ShowBox, and Amazon. Once the chromecast starts streaming it’s not necessary to keep the application open on your mobile phone.


ShowBox for Chromecast

How to stream on Chromecast (Showbox for Chromecast):

ShowBox don’t have any building features of chromecast but don’t worry you can download the LocalCast similar application just like ShowBox for connecting ShowBox with Television. Make sure that you install the ShowBox apk latest version on your phone and then download the LocalCast for Chromecast from play store. LocalCast is a free app for all android phones that allows you to cast videos to your television without any worry and having a player with cast support.

In order to use LocalCast with ShowBox you need to follow these steps:

Steps1: You need to open the setting menu from the left side of the screen within the ShowBox to change the player.

Step2: Select the “other player” from the menu.

Step3: Just search the movie of your choice and click on “Watch Now” from the menu, and then android will prompt you to select the music player then click on the LocalCast player. Always select “Just once” because every time you watch movie the player are of your choice.

Step 4: After selecting LocalCast form the list, android shows the list of ChromeCast devices to you, Select your device.

Step 5: Check the Television you should see that LocalCast is connected just wait for 20 to 30 seconds to begin the video. Once it’s connected then you enjoy your favorite movies and drama’s on your big screen.